Having Tire Patching Kit Is Always Useful

ueryw4567yhImagine you drive over a nail and your tire gets deflated or you come out from work and your car is sitting on the rim. It happens to many of us! To avoid such troubles and huge towing truck bills, everyone should have a tire patch kit and an air pump in their car. It’s as much essential as having a first aid kit.

Using tire-patch kit is very easy, however might require some strength to pull it off.

First of all you will need to find a hole. First thing to look at is whether there is any object stuck on your tire – a nail, a piece of glass or any other sharp objects. This is probably the area where the air comes from.

One way to check it is to use you saliva. Put a little bit of saliva on your finger and then gently place it on the area that you think lets the air out of the tire. If you see bubbles starting to build up, then indeed there is a hole and air does come out from it.

After you detected the area, grab your kit. Get a probe from it and put rubber cement on it (everything should be included in your tire-patch kit). Sometimes when the hole is too small you will need to make it wider by sticking the probe in it.

The next step is to attach a rubber repair strip to the probe. After that, force it into the punctured area. It might require some effort. If it refuses to go in, use probe again to widen the damaged area.

When inserting a repair strip, don’t insert it all the way; keep about 7-8 mm of it sticking from the tire. The last thing to do is to pull out the probe leaving the repair strip in.

Since you tire might be deflated, use your air pump to get some air into your tire. The fix is not temporary, it will hold for many years to come and after awhile you won’t be able to even notice the repair spot.

What Are Tires Made Out Of

The industry of tire manufacturing has the biggest percentage of rubber consumption. This article will give you insights on what Nexen CP672 and other tires are made of.


  • Natural rubber is the basic component in the industry of tire manufacturing.
  • Styrene-butadiene co-polymer (SBR), Polybutadiene, Halobutyl are other forms of rubber that are mixed or used in conjunction with natural rubber.
  • Other components include Carbon Black, Silica, Sulphur, Activators, Anti-oxidants, antiozonants, vulcanizing accelerators and textile.

The Process

  • Compounding. The first step in tire manufacturing is the process called compounding that brings all ingredients that are needed to create a batch of rubber compound.
  • Mixing. This second phase involves the application of mechanical work for the ingredients to blend and become a uniformed substance. This phase is usually done three to four stages to achieve the desired consistency.
  • Preparation of Components. The making of tire components is categorized to three different classes according to how they are manufacture. The classes include calendaring, extrusion and bead building.

Extrusion is coined to the component as it is a product made from the extruder machine. This machine applies heat and pressure during the process. This method is also used for inner liners as well as sidewall profiles. Calendar on the other hand, is a suite of numerous large-diameter rolls that squeezes the rubber compound to create a thin sheet.

  • Tire Building. This stage is where all components of the tire are assembled into one. During this process, a Tire-building machine (TBM) either automatically or manually operated is used.
  • Curing. In this process, pressure is being applied to the green tire held in a mold for it to have its final shape. It makes use of heat to create a chemical reaction between the rubber and other materials. substitute
  • Final Touches. After curing, measures to ensure the quality of tires are being employed. Manufacturers usually do the Tire Uniformity test, tire balance test, X-ray and visual inspection.


Nexen Tires Warm Welcome

Welcome to my blog. I worked for a tire business and know a lot about tires – which ones are better, how to fix them etc.

Now I want to share a little bit of my knowledge with you and help you to make right choices.

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